February 6, 2023 @ 8:36 AM


Unrequited Love HealNEW!  "Unrequited Love Heal" 

The greatest wound we can experience is to be rejected, abandoned, or feel all alone

UNREQUITED LOVE HEAL neutralizes all thoughts and desire toward those who have been aloof, unresponsive, uncaring, or do not love you in return.  It uplifts and elates, allowing you to feel free, happy, loving, and open to a new relationship

This essence fusion is so very helpful and blissful when you have been feeling ignored, rejected, isolated, all alone, or abandoned.  It can heal and dissolve distressing feelings of wishing and longing, rejection, hopelessness, and feeling unloved.  Most importantly, it infuses bright self-love and self-value to help you find greater sense of self-worth 


21 days

30 ml @ $30

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