May 15, 2023 @ 5:01 PM

Over the past 3 years the global pandemic has very much changed how we FEEL and respond to life.  It seems the aftermath may be worse than the actual pandemic!  

Trauma is everywhere.  It's in your physical body, in your thinking, in your emotional body, and even in your energy field.  It now permeates your consciousness and ways of being  

Trauma changes your brain.  Fear, restrictions to daily life, isolation, grief, loneliness, restlessness, and so many kinds of loss, death.  False information and mistrust has been so prolonged, so widespread and severe that negative feelings have become deeply embedded--not just in your mind, but in your physical body, too  

Health professionals from all over Noth America are reporting that the 
COVID vaccine has changed many people's metabolism and body chemistry, creating new health issues, exacerbating existing health issues, or triggering a return of old health issues.  That's a whole new trauma to deal with! 

The routine safety measures, excessive caution, and constant isolation enforced on us 
for the past 2 years have now become so habitual and ingrained that it is triggering pronounced anxiety as the world pandemic begins to wind down and our world again cautiously opens up to restore freedom.  This is the same psychological phenomenon experienced by captives or kidnap victims that are held hostage for a long time 


We have all experienced a loss of connection, a loss power, a loss of those we love, and a loss of control over our lives.  This is key, because these are the trigger emotional perceptions that prompt PTSD, panic attacks, and slide us into a mentality of victimization and disempowerment

Some of the symptoms include sudden panic or anxiety attacks, constant underlying worry or unease, insecurity and needing approval, lethargy and lack of motivation, trouble falling asleep, procrastination, feelings of victimization, lack of goals or dreams, declining finances, accidental injuries.  Some people are experiencing re-surfacing memories of victimization from prior traumas, sexual or physical abuse, or abuse of power  

An overwhelming number of people are experiencing classic symptoms of sexual abuse, even when no memories or recall are apparent!  That's because all of the same emotional triggers have been rife during the pandemic ... Forced isolation and separation, no control over your life or choices, nowhere to turn for safety, feelings of being powerless and at the mercy of an authority figure, coersion through punishment and reward, physical violation (through the vaccines, mask-wearing, and tracking), absence of nurturing or comfort (through isolation), relentless fear, and inability to trust, inability to envision your future

Those who chose not to vaccinate have been ostracized, threatened, bullied, coerced, or shamed by family, friends, co-workers, and especially by authority figures such as employers, government, and medical professionals  

This strange PTSD is now a common widespread phenomenon.  It is leaving health care professionals deeply concerned and feeling as though pandemic precautionary measures have created worse health issues than the virus itself.  Mental health hotlines and emergency assistance have become the norm


Please remember we are here to help!  

We have developed an effective 4-step Trauma Release Protocol to comprehensively counteract severe PTSD-like symptoms of all kinds:

.  Begin with Control Release to let go of fear, mistrust, and dissolve unhealthy coping mechanisms you have developed.  
.  After 3 weeks also take 
The BIG RESET for 5-10 days to place you in a neutral state and remind your body and mind who you really are.  This makes it easier to let go of trauma.
.  Then begin our powerful 
Trauma Release formula to release the physical and psychological effects of the PTSD. 
.  Follow this with 
I Am Not A Victim to overwrite loss of personal power and help you establish boundaries, self empowerment, and personal authority.


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