May 22, 2023 @ 2:59 PM


Big Pharma exploits mental health  In 2011, Big Pharma publicly admitted that frequencies were more effective than drugs in treating mental issues such as depression.  They have been exporing this avenue of medicine for more than a decade


A clinical trial in 2022 at Douglas Mental Health University Institute, a psychiatric hospital in Montreal Canada, has been experimenting with a novel way to ease the pain of romantic betrayal.  Michelle Lonergan, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Ottawa led the trial as part of her Ph.D.

The study did not rely on traditional psychotherapy sessions.  Instead, it attempted to dampen the psychological reverberations of romantic trauma by using a beta-blocker medication called propranolol 

When a painful memory is recalled or retrieved, it is temporarily destabilized and numbed with drug therapy.  Subjects were then rated on the degree that emotional pain diminished.  Many of the test subjects also underwent other treatments simultaneously, such as counselling therapy  


The drawbacks are obvious.  Medication always has side effects.  And counselling therapy or 'memory reactivation sessions' do not work with deep emotional trauma.  This is because during moments of trauma recall, Broca’s area of the brain – the part responsible for speech production – shuts down, compromising your ability to describe how you are feeling.  So, in any clinical trial involving mental and emotional trauma, the results would be suspect


Using drugs to stop the immediate effects of the emotional trauma may help you temporarily feel less impacted, but it does not allow fully for healthy mental processing that ultimately reconciles your experience.  True mental health requires invoking important realizations and epiphanies which allow you to reframe your experiences in an empowering way  


Also not considered in the trial:  In many cases, romantic emotional experiences are coloured by childhood experiences, sexual abuse, incest, as well as family culture, dynamics and environment.  This means the new medical protocol may artifically re-frame the experience, but the deeper origin, causal factors, and perspective are often not being addressed.  That leaves the door open for re-traumatization by repeating past choices


Big Tech has also now entered medicine   New on the market is a 'fitbit' type of wrist device that uses frequencies to induce neuropeptide release to improve your mood and stop/dissolve negative feelings.  It uses specific EMF frequencies to affect neuropeptide release, whereas Enlightened Feelings frequency products work from within the cell outward into the body using the same type of natural frequencies the body uses to invoke neuropeptide release 


The main issue with these fitbits is that by wearing the device it constantly alters your neural network before you have a chance to identify your negative thoughts and feelings and sort through what those feelings are trying to tell you.  As a result, you are not consciously aware of your negative feelings or what they are trying to tell you

Negative feelings such as anger and grief are very important to your wellbeing and safety, because they alert you that you have a need that is not being met.  If your negative feelings are overwritten without processing them appropriately, you won't grow, act to get your needs met, gain valuable insights from your experiences, or be able to act authentically when a similar situation arises.  Mental assimilation of your negative experiences helps you learn, grow and evolve


Enlightened Feelings still proves to be the best option   There is no disputing the fact that Enlightened Feelings' live flower essence fusions achieve much more rapid and profound results on all levels of being--thoughts, feelings, physiology--naturally and without side effects  

Our products naturally take advantage of neural plasticity to establish positive thought patterns and reframe memories in a positive way.  But, the products also prompt epiphanies, a higher perspective, spiritual awakening, and valuable personal growth that cannot be achieved artificially with drugs, psychotropics, CBD, or by psychological manipulation


That said, it is encouraging to see that orthodox medicine DOES recognize that utilizing the natural processes of the neural network is simply the best method to achieve healthy thoughts and emotional feelings both individually and all across all of society


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