June 1, 2023 @ 8:12 AM

Every February/March since the CUSMA Free trade agreement came under discussion 6 years ago, we have experienced a shakeup with new changes in US Government trade policies and business regulations being introduced.  This year was no exception  

To be honest, the latest roadblock in March, 2023 was really the final straw!  We did everything we could to find solutions.  But, we keep dead-ending ... 


In my life, what seems to be a bad thing always turns out to be a really good thing.  And so, we quickly realized the universe is trying to point Enlightened Feelings in a different direction ... One that will ultimately be better for everyone!  


So, we are now giving priority to releasing our practitioner training programs.  Our plan is to teach our revolutionary methods to health practitioners in the USA, Canada, and all over the globe!  This means you will have local access to our products and services!  Testing will be more readily available to you.  Our products will actually be bottled in your own country.  


Now that we have eliminated the major roadblock to practitioner training, which is the time, freedom, and space to complete the digital course--we have set a tentative launch date of September, 2023 for our Level 1 course.  Once this course is launched, we will work on training distributors and establishing bottling/distribution facilities within USA


Thank you for your patience, support and loyalty!  We love our USA clients! You are like family to us!  We don't want to let you down, or lose you!  That is what kept us fighting to overcome obstacles for the past 6 years so that we could bring our products into USA

We are excited about our new direction and look forward to serving you again soon!  Visit our blog or sign up for our newsletter for updates  


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