June 9, 2023 @ 8:18 AM

Adrenaline 1 is a neuro-peptide released naturally in your body in response to fear, anxiety or stress.  In times of danger, it can save your life by prompting you to run or fight.  Because safety and security are your most basic need, you release more adrenaline than any other neuropeptide   


Adrenaline is highly addictive!  Your body can quickly become dependent on the energy release created by this little chemical protein! 

Adrenaline 'addiction' occurs when you are subject to stressful situations for a prolonged period (3 weeks or longer), or eat stress-inducing foods such as sugar, coffee, and junk food.  Your body becomes conditioned to need the heightened energy rush and excitement, even if your conscious mind does not want the stress  



Adrenaline can alter hormone release, making you cranky and moody.  It can prompt allergy symptoms by stimulating the release of Histamine 1, and exacerbate pain by releasing cortisol 


FYI:  Adrenaline habituation most often begins in childhood, when home life is chaotic, stressful, or dysfunctional, and you never really feel safe or secure.  Growing up in a stressful family situation keeps your adrenaline levels perpetually high and habituates you to focus on the negative.  As an adult, you will then unconsciously seek stressful situations and see the negative in situations because this feel more familiar or normal to you.  So the cycle of adrenaline addiction continues

Adrenaline addiction can also result from a stressful workplace, a stressful marriage, eating sugars and junk foods, habitually playing videos games, listening to heavy metal or rap music, or watching suspenseful dramas, horror and thriller movies    


Once conditioned to adrenaline, the absence of it can make you feel lethargic, unmotivated, uneasy or bored, with a sense of meaninglessness.  Adrenaline addiction leads to cravings for coffee, sugar and junk foods, a low boredom threshold, a high tolerance for violence, and cravings for action, excitement and stimulation.  You may attract crisis and chaos, exaggerate or dramatizes your problems, over-react to situations, focus on the negative, and attract people who are always in crisis or chaos or need help.  You may begin to manifest crisis and drama in your own life


How do you know if you are addicted to adrenaline?  Are you constantly feeling stressed and hyper-reactive?  Do you immediately focus on what's wrong, instead if what's right?  Do you tend to see the bad side of situations?  Are you surrounded by people who have a negative outlook?  Do you seek out suspenseful or thrilling movies?  Do you immediately rush to tell someone when a new crisis occurs in your life?  Do you feel like a victim?  Do you have PTSD?  Yes ... You are addicted to adrenaline!


QUICK SELF-TEST:  Press the flat of your thumb firmly into the soft area of your forearm or thigh.  Lift your thumb.  Do you immediately see a white patch of skin that quickly fades to pink?  That indicates elevated blood pressure resulting from adrenal stress


Because of the complex emotional and chemical elements involved, adrenaline addiction takes a minimum of 6 weeks to overcome.  The need for adrenaline creates urges to act out.  So, you will unconsciously attract crises and drama and have angry outbursts 


A quality detox program that includes a liver cleanse along with B-complex vitamins and colloidal magnesium can help to detoxify and fortify your body and minimize the effects of adrenaline withdrawl.  Avoid sugars, coffee and junk foods 

Drama Free


Our supportive essence fusion Drama Free was designed to help alleviate adrenal stress.  Use for a minimum of 42 days.  We also recommend repeating DRAMA FREE for one week each month for 3 or more months


I Am Flexible  ~  Stress Buster  ~  Serenity  or  Worry Free can also provide needed emotional support to help calm down the psychological need for excitement and drama.  Use them in tandem with any protocol for overcoming  adrenaline addiction




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