January 15, 2024 @ 5:31 PM

Would you like to make a positive difference in the world?  Would you like to expand your current health services and attain a deeper level of healing and wellbeing for your clients?


Emotional and mental wellness is now the fastest growing medical field


Our entry-level professional practitioner course is designed to augment, expand and enhance your existing health services and increase your income potential by providing solutions for mental and emotional wellbeing.  Emotional wellbeing is integral to good health!


Packed with loads of extraordinary cutting-edge information, the course uniquely weaves quantum science with psychology, holistic principles, wisdom, and inspiration


To be clear, this course is not about making flower essences.  You will be working with our botanical frequencies, which are captured from living uncut flowers and naturally augmented to maximize their vibration and efficacy.  Our products are not homeopathy and have a distinctly different classification from traditional flower essences.  They are 20X more powerful and effective than flower essences, and integrate well with other health disciplines as a complementary modality.  They are compatible with ALL healing modalities except homeopathy  


Our self-paced home-study course has been 6 years in the making.  It is delivered by email in downloaded pdf modules, with testing at the end of each module or chapter.  The unique accelerated-learning format of the course ensures your high level of competency and maximizes your income potential by teaching you how to seamlessly integrate our products with your own health services to achieve a truly unique and desirable emotional wellness service that also delivers greater efficacy and customer satisfaction for your own therapies and services 


The course includes an holistic business module to ensure your success.  We also offer outstanding mentoring, support, and perks for our certified practitioners


This course is a pre-requisite for our Advanced and Master classes 


We are currently accepting applicants from all Canadian provinces.  Certified practitioners enjoy exclusive non-competition rights within their region.  So, do not delay in submitting your application!  


Once you have formally registered and have been accepted into our program, you will have 3 months to begin the course.  You can take as long as you need to complete each of the 6 modules.  The course is comprised of general overview, the science, various testing methods, a deep dive into the mind-body connection, understanding the role of emotions, holistic psychology, how to 'read' health symptoms, a thorough understanding of more than 100 different essence fusion formulas, how to create protocols, how to properly use the products.  The course conludes with an holistic business module to help you succeed and prosper as an holistic health professional


Testing takes place at the end of each module or chapter.  There are also assignments, a short practicum, and required reading.   Successful completion of the course entiles you to certification as a Level 1 Botanical Bio-frequencies practitioner  


The perks of becoming a certified EF practitioner:  

~ wholesale prices on our branded products

~ free listing in our upcoming on-line EF practitioner directory

~ marketing and promotional materials provided

~ increase in the efficacy of your own services

~ customer loyalty and repeat clients

~ Exclusing rights to your own region (some conditions apply)




No payment is required until you start the course


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