January 22, 2024 @ 3:56 PM

1 in 4 women in North America have a thyroid problem resulting in a struggle with weight gain, exhaustion and lethargy, depression, hair loss and anxiety.  That's a red-flag symptom of a problem.  But, it's not the cause

Thyroid problems are often precipitated by nutritional deficiencies and therefore can be treated.  So you would think the solution would be easy

But, if nutrition is key, why are thyroid issues more more prevalent in women than in men?  We have observed a direct connection between thyroid issues and specific unhealthy emotions  

Women tend to be very self-sacrificing for their family and loved ones.  Busy nurturing and caring for others, they neglect to nurture themselves in healthy ways, or to speak up and ask for what they need and want.  We have found that virtually every woman who is self-sacrificing and who does not speak up for her own needs, ends up with thyroid problems   

From an esoteric standpoint, we understand that the throat area is one of your areas of energetic power...it is the seat of your voice.  When you hold back your words and do not speak up and ask for what you want and need, or for what is fair, you create a blockage or constriction in the throat area

Thermography, MRI's and CAT scans have demonstrated to us how the body works in terms of energy flow.  We can see that a restriction of energy within an area of the body lowers the temperature, activity, and life force in that region, causing a breakdown in function.  When an area of the body experiences pain, damage, or inflammation, cellular activity increases, temperature rises.  More energy is seen in that area as the body tries to repair itself

Since the thyroid controls hormone function, it is logical that weight gain could be caused by improper thyroid function.  However, after the age of 40, hormone production switches primarily to the liver, so we have to look for a deeper explanation in older women

Cells control the release of chemical proteins called neuro-peptides, which govern your physiological functions.  Neuropeptides are released by the cells in response to electrical currents caused by thoughts and feelings.  So, cells are also intricately intertwined with your emotions, and cell function is very much affected by your feelings 

Cells nurture and care for your physical body and life force by taking in energy and nutrients to burn as fuel, and then releasing 'waste materials' into the lymph system for elimination.  Potassium on the inside of the cell reacts to saline (salt) on the outside of the cell, causing an electrical arc that opens the cell wall allowing a transfer of nutrients and waste materials.  In essence, this the the microcosm that illustrates your ability or willingness to receive at the most basic cellular level

If this process is interrupted or stopped, the cells will begin to withhold rather than risk starvation.  From an emotional perspective, when you are not nurturing yourself in healthy ways or receiving emotional nourishment, you are starving yourself emotionally.  Your cells will compensate by withholding.  The result is weight gain or edema  

Hungry all the time?  Or craving certain foods?  Your cells are telling you that you are missing something on an emotional level.  Is it nurturing?  Fulfillment?  Love?  Belonging?  Security?  The type of food you crave can give you clues ... 

Cravings for dairy products such as cheese or ice cream often relate to feeling un-nurtured or unloved.   Cravings for chocolate or sugar can mean there is not enough pleasure or happiness in your life.  Salt cravings can mean you unconsciously want to hold onto your feelings as an unhealthy way of nurturing yourself.  Cravings for sweets can mean that you have experienced prolonged stress or fear and your body now craves an energy boost via adrenaline

Dieting and exercise may not be the ideal solution.  When you withhold food and exercise, your mind sees this as deprivation and punishment for being too fat.  That is why most diet and exercise programs are ultimately short-lived.  Where is the incentive or reward to diet or exercise when it feels like self-punishment for being flawed?

Understand this ... You have only a certain number of fat cells in your body.  You never gain or lose fat cells.  They simply expand with more fat, or shrink as needed.  If you understand the physiological mechanisms that trigger weight gain, then you can find solutions that will work for you  

Fat cells are specifically designed to be a sort of 'pantry' where your body stores sustenance for times of dire need.  Cells expand with fat to nurture you, when you aren't feeling nurtured or aren't nurturing yourself in healthy ways.  Cells expand with fat to counteract starvation, either emotionally or physically.  They expand to keep you safe by placing a protective fat barrier or shield between you and others.  They expand when you don't receive enough energy through food or mental and emotional experiences

When you diet or starve your body, you use up the supply in your fat cells, which automatically triggers your body's mechanism to replenish or replace.  So, starvation on any level--physical, mental or emotional--will always signal your body to shift into survival mode and store more fat for future, even if you are eating very little     

The only way to counteract fat storage is to supply your body with everything it needs.  High levels of nutrition tell your body that it has enough to survive.  A fulfilling life tells your body you are already full.  Confidence and self esteem tell your body that you are strong enough to be safe.  Healthy self-nurturing tells your body that you are looking after its needs

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