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One of the most misdiagnosed medical conditions and inappropriately used words in the dictionary is 'DEPRESSION'.  It is a word used to describe sadness, grief, disappointment, or hopelessness.  Yet, depression is none of these things

Depression is actually a shutdown of your willingness and ability to feel.  It is a means of escape from pain and unhappiness.  You shut down because you are either escaping from deep emotional pain, or feel powerless to get what you need or want
Depression can also result from chemical imbalance caused by nutritional deficiencies, shock, emotional trauma, or a traumatic physical accident or head injury 
Can depression result from prolonged sadness, grief, disappointment or hopelessness?  Absolutely.  When emotional pain becomes intolerable, you want it to stop.  And that means you may shut down all your feelings.   That is why one of the characteristics of depression is described as 'numbness'
Your emotions are part of your sensory system, along with touch, taste, smell, vision, hearing and intuition.  When you force your emotions to shut down, your other senses also begin to diminish.  Food begins to lose its taste.  Colours do not seem as bright.  Everything seems lack-lustre.  Nothing interests you or brings you pleasure any more 
Connecting with sensations, feelings, and experiences is critically important.  It ensures you make better choices, such as avoiding danger or pain, and prompts you to seek experiences that feel good.  So, the most important function of your senses is to help you make choices that ensure you are happy and your needs are met.  When you are depressed, you can't identify your needs, let alone act to have them fulfilled.  
You have 7 basic needs ... safety and survival (security), to love and be loved, belonging, challenge and growth, happiness, self-esteem, and fulfillment.  And it is the job of your senses to ensure those needs are always addressed.  Depression results from a failure or ability to have these needs met
There are hundreds of reasons why you might not be getting your needs met.  Some of them can be caused by circumstances beyond your control.  For instance, when you lose a child or someone important to you, your need for love and closeness can no longer being met and you will feel grief
Prolonged emotional pain without solution or relief, can make you want to shut down and become numb to stop feeling anguish. That is depression 
The most common cause of depression is a prolonged period of unwillingness or inability to ask for what you need.  In some cases, you may not even realize your own needs.  Or, you may be putting all your effort and attention into making others happy and are neglecting your own needs.  In other words, you've become a martyr and have begun to believe you are an innocent victim.  You aren't taking charge of your life in a positive and pro-active manner.  Instead, you feel a loss of control over your life and a sense of hopelessness that you will ever be happy
When life becomes unacceptable and unhappy, and you believe this will never change, your mind wants to escape and shut out the discomfort, unhappiness, or pain.  So you shut down emotionally and physically.  That is depression
You can tune out how you feel.  But, your body cannot tune out the electrical signals caused by your state of mind.  Neuro-peptides are constantly being released in response to these electrical signals.  Neuro-peptides govern all your body's functions.  And that is why depression is a physical, as well as psychological state
One of the reasons that depression medication is often unhelpful and may even prompt suicide, is that these medications are prescribed to people who are not actually depressed.  They are unhappy, unfulfilled, disillusioned, or sad.  They have lost inner power to solve the problems or alter the circumstances that made them unhappy
Medication cannot restore personal power, help you get your needs met, or solve the issues that are causing you to shut down emotionally.  Living flower essences are more effective in overcoming depression, because they restore your ability to feel, overwrite your negative emotions, help you reframe your thought processes so you see things in a different light, and empower you to recognize your needs and seek to have them met.  Completely natural, they cannot harm you or cause side-effects  

So, which essence should you choose?  Is there any one living essence or essence fusion that can do this?  No.  The essence fusion you need depends totally on YOUR cause for shutting down emotionally.  Was your heart badly broken?  Did you lose someone you truly loved?  Have you been serving others and have neglected yourself?  Did you become tired of feeling desperately lonely and unloved?  

Feeling can be uncomfortable at first.  But, it is the first step toward becoming happy

If you are unable to connect with the cause of your depression, we may be able to help.  We offer mini-testing for just $10.  Send us a recent photo of yourself.  Tell us what you think might be the issue, which essence you believe might be helpful, and what you want to shift or change.  We will test your photo and tell you which essence(s) you actually need  

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