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“Destiny is the push of our instincts to the pull of our purpose.”  TD Jakes

When I was a small child I loved to draw and colour.  Rainy days were wonderful excuses to pull out paints pencil crayons and paper.  I don't know what defines talent, but my drawings certainly drew a lot of accolades and I understood that it was a good thing.  My mother often proclaimed that when God gives you a talent, it is your obligation to use it.  I believed her  

And so, by the age of 15 I was creating pastel portraits for tourists and selling my paintings.  By the age of 24 I owned my own design business and earned a very good living doing what started out as a hobby and passion.  People felt the vision, soul and passion in my work and it brought happiness, beauty and inspiration to them, as well

Throughout my life I’ve met many talented people who loved to dance, or sing, or create art.  They were exceptionally talented--much more so than I.  And yet they worked at mundane jobs.  That astounded me.  So, I asked them why

They all told me the same thing: "My parents told me I had to be practical, go to college and get a real job and not be a dreamer."  They believed their parents.  So they bought into this limiting belief and tucked the beautiful music of their soul into their back pocket and wasted it

There are other people who feel an instinctive call, a quiet urge to some greater destiny or mission, but cannot seem to discover it's exact nature.  Expecting some kind of profound revelation, they're waiting for the universe to give them an obvious sign

Your mission isn't waiting out in the universe.  It is within your own heart and your own personal interests and talents that you will find what you seek.  You already know what it is.  The most purposeful goal is one that touches your soul, not your sensibilities. Your destiny is really very simple:  Do what you love to do   

We all have unique gifts and special talents to share with the world.  However, we may not attach special value to those gifts or even be aware of them.  Finding your life mission is only a matter of accessing and consciously sharing yourself with the world through your talents and personal interests.  This is how you will find belonging, unending joy and inner harmony.  
It is not so much WHAT we do but WHY we do that uplifts the world 

Discard the false idea you can't make a living from your talents, interests, and abilities.  In reality you don't need to make anything.  You only need to allow everything

Does your heart long to help others?  Are you an unrequited artist?  Is baking your passion?  Your destiny is whispering to you  

Is your longing drowning in your fear and judgment of what that will require?  Or are you trying to be humble and make yourself believe you are only one ordinary person and your contributions and inspiration are not important or valuable?  

Don’t downgrade your talents just to fit your reality.  Joel Osteen said "God would not put a dream in your heart if he hadn’t already given you everything you need to fulfill it”  

Understand this:  Inspiration is the mind of The All wanting to express itself and create through YOU.   Inspiration literally means ‘in-spirited’.  How amazing is that?  YOU were chosen to co-create with The All!    

Humility is only a mask to hide fear of becoming fully and completely an expression of The All.  It is disrespectful to the higher power that brought inspiration into you.  Creator does not know humility.  It seeks only to express itself through creating, and finds joy and wonder in Its creations … The feeling you have when you create  

Connecting to inspiration requires FEELING--not thinking.  Listen to what you FEEL.  Hear what your heart really wants.  That is the voice of Creator wanting to express itself through you

The other half of your DESTINY ... Finding your calling and acting on your inspiration is only half of the formula to a life of personal satisfaction and success.  The key to being successful doing what you love lies in being fully aware of what you really desire as reward for your work.  Is it gratitude, helping people, making a difference in the world, creating happiness for others?  That’s what most people want from their fulfilling work  

But, those are intangible things.  They fulfill you.  But, they don’t pay your rent   

When you perform your work or service you expend energy.  That energy moves outward from you into the world and into others, creating empty space within you.  Energy will rush in to fill up that void.  That energy exchange is how you receive rewards or payment for your services  

That energy can be tangible (as in money) or intangible energy (as in feel-good).  Whatever your reward comprises will be entirely reflective of whatever it is that you subconsciously value or desire.  In other words, YOU control your rewards with your own feelings, desires, conscience, and your personal value system   

Your personal value system is your foundation for success.  It is the WHY of all you do.  WHAT you do is simply the tool to achieve this

Abundance, rewards and benefits are not based on a point system.  You don’t score points for being a good person.  The universe does not judge or discern ‘This act is good’ or ‘This act is bad’ and reward accordingly.  It simply responds to thought energy.  What you send out via your intent, thoughts and feelings is what comes back to you in answer.  What you believe, expect and desire is what you receive

So, let's take a look at that.  What you receive is what your heart wanted.  What does that mean?  It means that
self-sabotaging personal values and an absence of proper prosperity consciousness are the only reason you will ever fail in life  

For example, when you express criticism, judgment, indignation, or jealousy at someone else’s financial success, achievements or abilities, or how openly they promote their services, that is your personal value system trying to tell you that it is bad to be successful and abundant, and not right to openly embrace and express what creator wants to express through you.  You will never be successful, because your mind won’t let you have something it believes to be bad or wrong

If you believe that happiness is more important than wealth, then happiness is what you receive and wealth will elude you.  Be careful what you believe!  

You see, your value system—not your talent—determines whether you will be successful and how much you will earn.  Will you continue to sabotage yourself with limiting false beliefs?  Or will you change your frequency through more positive thoughts and feelings so you can attract something better?  Are you ready to expand your value system to incorporate both intangible AND tangible rewards and benefits?  

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