February 23, 2024 @ 2:28 PM

Non-Alcohol Essences are now available!

We've gone alcohol-free with all our products!  Our live flower essences are now preserved with FDA-approved natural calcium ascorbate!    

The new non-alcohol formula has no taste or colour when added to water.  It is easy on the stomach, and is also a safe, healthy alternative for cats, dogs, horses, young animals, and children  

We've been working on this alcohol-free formula for a year, testing not only for strength and efficacy, but for shelf life, as well.  We are delighted with the results!

Alcohol-free formulas do contain .01% trace of alcohol (0.03 ml per 30 ml) due to the live-flower-concentrates which activate each different formulation


"I never thought I would be able to use the non-alcohol essences successfully, as I am so attached to my regular products!  But, the non-alcohol products feel softer and smoother, and I am almost surprised when I realize I’m already on the other side of an issue without ever feeling a break-through day."  Lori D'Ascenzo


Non-alcohol formulation means we will be able to resume shipping to USA as soon as US CBP assigns the products a new HS Code for export.  We were initially optimistic that this would be achieved quickly.  However, we now expect a delay until mid March, as USCBP has requested more information and product sample.  We will still offer the option of our regular essences to Canadian clients   


Stay tuned for updates!