February 28, 2024 @ 8:30 AM

You have within you the potent power to manifest anything you truly desire.  It happens naturally when you align the energy of your thought with the power of your feelings

Your present reality is, in fact, already being created entirely by your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes, whether or not you are conscious and deliberate with these thoughts and feelings

Manifesting is a natural bi-product of pure, uninterupted, unrefined thought when it is aligned with feeling.  FEELINGS are the secret ingredient.  Manifestation happens in a 6-step process, with INTENT as the tipping point that turns intangible thought into physical reality:




First a thought.  Thought becomes activated by a feeling, a desire.  Unencumbered, uninterupted thought and feeling begin to crystallize as intent.  Intent is the catalyst for the movement or shifting of energy.  This creates a result.  These six stages, beginning always with thought and the emotion behind the thought, comprise the law of cause and effect


THE SECRET INGREDIENT  The quality of what you manifest is only as good as your underlying FEELINGS.  Are you aware and intentional in what you create?  Or has your reality developed from your instinctual, habitual, reactionary, random or accidental thoughts and beliefs?

For most people, it is the latter 


There is no force within or outside of yourself that can manifest anything if the thought is inhibited by a myriad of conflicting feelings.  For example ... You may think you want to be rich and successful.  You may desire money.  But, if somewhere deep in your unconscious mind there is guilt that you don't truly deserve it, or a belief that rich people are greedy, selfish, unhappy, or resentment for what you do have in your life, then you can never become rich.  Your higher self will not allow you to be what you are judging to be bad

So, your underlying negative beliefs can wreak havoc on your life and on your present goals and aspirations.  Until you become consciously aware of all your inherent beliefs and deep feelings, and choose to let them go, they will continue to direct your reality.  Life will seem random and unjust.  You won’t end up with the reality you desire or the one you are trying to achieve 


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