March 5, 2024 @ 7:46 AM

As the energy momentum increases for re-creating our lives in a more conscious way, it is time to make a plan. What are you envisioning and dreaming for your future?

Each of us are seeking the highest, truest expression of ourselves. Perhaps that is why a lot of people have been complaining about dissatisfaction with their current job and are expressing a desire to make changes

If you have no idea what they kind of career you want to choose or how to make positive change happen, we have the ‘magical formula’ to manifest YOUR perfect career! We know it works because it led to the creation of Enlightened Feelings!


Have you ever really thought about what you like and don’t like about your job, or what type of work would feel fulfilling and fun? Think about that now. Begin by asking yourself a lot of questions about different aspects of jobs in general. We’ve listed a few questions below to help you

Your innate talents and abilities, qualities, training, special skills, and any hobbies or interests you have can become an asset in your work. But, most often you take these strengths for granted and can’t see their value to others.

For example, my sister can open a fridge and take out a few meagre leftovers and condiments and quickly turn it into a gourmet meal. To me this is tantamount to magic! But, she doesn’t think is a special talent at all

I have a friend whose voice is so gentle and kind that she can tell you off and make it sound like poetry. What an extraordinary gift of gentle grace and diplomacy!


Immediately you can see what kind of careers these women would excel in. But, I can tell you that they didn’t see it at all. So don’t dismiss or underrate your own special quirks and innate gifts, no matter how trivial. They can contribute to your new career. As AI increasingly takes over the workplace, the best way to have a job may be to create it yourself or to use innate talents that AI cannot master!


Let's begin ... Take some time to sit quietly alone, without distraction. Keep a notepad in your lap with a pencil. Start to ask yourself simple questions to become aware of what you like and don’t like about your work. I’ve written some questions below to get you started. Once these puzzle pieces have all been put together, you’ll discover how each of your special qualities and personal preferences contributes to your destiny


Rather than respond with your intellect, place your hand on your chest and ask your heart to answer the question. Take your time. Feel how your heart and body responds to your honest answer, as if you are already having that experience. Now write down the answer

Ask the next question, and let your heart answer. Write it down. And keep doing this until you have defined at least 25 preferences


The universe responds to your feelings. If your feelings are in perfect alignment with your thoughts, that is the secret to manifestation. So, what you are doing by answering all these questions, is giving the universe a heartfelt blueprint of all aspects of your perfect career


Now, let go of expectations. The universe is infinitely more creative than you! Do you really think I envisioned Enlightened Feelings all by myself and then asked the universe to make it happen? ha ha! Nope!

I asked myself a lot of questions. Through my heartfelt answers the universe began to provide a series of small synchronicities as well as uncomfortable travails that forced changes in my direction. This inevitably led me to create Enlightened Feelings ... I wanted to work in nature some of the time, work with horses and animals some of the time, work with people some of the time, but be alone some of the time, as well. I wanted to be my own boss and not have employees. I wanted to be surrounded with people of like mind that I could mentor. I wanted to work flexible hours, and generate an income that reflected my value to others and the energy and effort I extended to my work. I wanted to use all of my existing innovative talents, training, and expertise—floriculture, writing and publishing, creativity, holistic health — and express my spiritual values to make a measurable difference in the world and in people’s lives. It was important to me to have a career where my clients love me, as much as I love them! I also wanted to constantly learn new skills and have new experiences. I wanted each day to be different and unpredictable, so that I would never be bored


That is exactly the career I manifested within about 6 months, simply through answering my questions, and connecting with the feeling of what it would be like to be immersed in a career I love that truly helps people. There is no career that could ever meet my criterion so perfectly as Enlightened Feelings!


Now, close your eyes and answer the following questions with your heart (add your own questions, too) ... Remember, this is your blueprint for the universe, so the more clarity you feel, the better the results. Avoid specifying where, when, or the specific profession. Simply focus on the conditions of the job and how it FEELS ...


1) Do you prefer to work alone? In a partnership? In a group?

2) Would you prefer to work with people? ... or animals? ... or with plants/nature? ... Or with something that is not alive (ie: computer, construction materials)?

3) Do you prefer physical/hands-on work? Or intellectual/cerebral/office work?

4) Do you want to work indoors ... or outdoors ... or in nature?

5) Would you rather be employed or self employed? Do you prefer to work under an authority or with supervision so you know what is expected of you? Or would you rather be in a management position?

6) Would you be happier with regular predictable work hours each week? Or would you be prefer flexible hours and timeline and more freedom to set your own hours?

7) Are you more comfortable with a steady pay-cheque? Or would it excite you to earn income based on the effort or time and skills you bring to the job?

8) Do you want a job that challenges you, requires you to learn new skills, and where you can learn or develop new competencies? Or would you rather work with your existing skills and experience?

9) What skills and expertise have you developed that you would like to bring to your next job?

10) What tangible rewards do you need from your work contribution to maintain the lifestyle you desire? (ie: salary that reflects your contribution, perks, health insurance, etc)

11) What intangible rewards do you need from your work? (ie: recognition, gratitude, appreciation, make a difference, belonging, respect, etc)

12) What are your innate talents, skills, and abilities that you were born with or did not require training? Enlist others to help you with the answers, because all the personal assets and abilities you take for granted might seem exceptional talents to others

13) What are your hobbies and interests? What do you do for fun? What are some ways that can generate revenue for you?

14) What are your passions? What do you most care about?

15) Could you be happy in a job that utilizes your passions and talents and interests? Or would you rather keep that aspect of your life separate?

16)  Do you like your days to be predictable, with a comfortable pattern to what you do? Or do you need stimulation and variety?

17)  Which of these positive innate qualities do you possess? Logical, analytical, mathematical ~ problem-solving skills ~ understanding of technology ~ think outside the box, creative problem-solving ~ co-operation and inclusiveness ~ good with your hands ~ artistic, aesthetic and spacial aptitude ~ imagination, visionary ~ high moral and ethical standards, spiritual values, idealism ~ aptitude for learning ~ teaching or training skills ~ athletic ability, balance, physical prowess, endurance, or fitness ~ ‘green thumb’ ~ love of animals ~ desire to make a positive difference to others or the planet. Which of these qualities would you like to express through your work?

18) What gives meaning to your life? What brings you joy and a sense of freedom? When does your heart sing?

19) Do you work well under pressure or stress? Do you enjoy excitement and challenges?  What does your work environment need to feel like?


Be sure to add gratitude to your energy! Thank the universe for partnering with you to manifest your work. And let us know when your new career manifests into reality! We’d love to celebrate with you and share your story!


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