February 12, 2024 @ 4:28 AM

Did you know that 90% of people do not test positive for the statement “I LOVE MYSELF”?   We need to understand WHY we hustle for worthiness rather than simply claiming it as our right



About 75% of people do NOT test positive for the statement ‘My mother loves me.’  But, almost everyone tests positive for the statement ‘I love my mother.’  We love.  But we don't feel loved   


Once you shed your distorted lens these is a good chance your'll discover how awesome you are...



Did you feel loved and accepted by your mother and your family?  Or did you try to earn love?


It’s your early childhood experiences that prompted you to become a ‘people-pleaser’.  You learned quickly that being a ‘good girl’ causes less friction, upset or punishment


Children learn to do what will garner favour, what won’t make waves, and what others seem to want from them.  In fact, by the age of 5 you had already decided what you must do to survive




Paradoxically, false ‘nice’ behaviours actually undermine confidence and self esteem, cause even more guilt, insecurity and shame, and promote a disconnect or isolation from others.  You see, without a commitment to honesty with yourself and with others you become untrustworthy, and you can never really be comfortable or at home in your own body.  You can’t hold meaningful, enduring relationships.  They fall apart as soon as you let down your guard and start to be yourself



It's easy to mistake this rejection as 'you aren't worthy of love', or 'you are a bad person'.  But, that's not the case.  That person fell in love with a person you were PRETENDING to be, not the real you.  They are aligned with THAT person.  So the relationship can never work  



When trying to FIT IN you are assessing a situation and becoming who you need to be in order to be accepted and loved.  If you don’t receive acceptance, you will feel insecure and off balance


When feeling a sense of BELONGING you do not feel compelled to change.  You remain comfortable within yourself and can effortlessly be who you really are



Feeling good about ourselves is a basic need.  But, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our sense of self-acceptance and belonging within our own self 


Self-criticism, judging yourself, guilt, not forgiving, compromise, conformity, and ignoring your own needs are ways you betray and abandon yourself in order to try and fit in.  You’re playing it safe, compromising who you really are  But, that leads to emotional starvation and a loss of your dreams


Emotional starvation triggers neurotransmitters that signal your body to store fat!  Your body and mind cannot tell the difference between physical starvation and emotional starvation 



Own who you are!  Rejoice that you are different!  Your uniqueness is your contribution to humanity.  The world needs you to be exactly who you are!


When you are authentic, you feel comfortable in your own skin.  Destiny begins to unfold for you and you find your true path in life.  You attract partners and friends who are drawn to the REAL you.  These partners are already aligned with your true values and personality.  Therefore, the relationships are more enduring




Here are some essence fusions that can help you to reclaim and love the real you! ... 


My Authentic Self  ~  Self Acceptance  ~  Love Yourself  ~  Soul Retrieval



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