July 25, 2018 @ 6:20 PM

I recently had a family member declare that I am 'too intense!'  She said it made her feel uncomfortable

The very next day someone else described me as 'dynamic.'  And, a week later, another person stated that she admired me for my 'passion.'

How interesting that the same quality can be perceived in both negative and positive ways, depending on your individual perspective and beliefs.  The's the POWER OF BELIEF!

Beliefs can be empowering or disempowering, low vibration or high vibration.  If you choose to adopt a negative belief about yourself, you will diminish your power, lose self-esteem, and start to change your behavior so you can gain acceptance and approval

When I was a kid, my mother called me a 'dreamer.'  She made it seem like that was a bad thing.  It made me feel ashamed

In truth, your idiosyncrasies ARE your power.  They make you unique, individual, interesting, real

Being a dreamer has allowed me to envision and create so many amazing innovative things over the course of my life--including Enlightened Feelings essences!  It has given me the power to change the world.  What do you suppose would have happened if I let my mother's perspective dominate my  life?

What special idiosyncrasy do you possess?  How can you reframe it mentally so it can become one of your strengths?

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