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Each of our products comes in bottle sizes that provide the right number of drops you need to complete your personal shift 

For example:  A 30 ml bottle of living flower essence fusion provides 21 daily doses to help dissolve long-held emotional habit patterns and instill new, more positive behavior responses.  Emotional issues or unconscious behaviors that are newly formed often shift in just 1-5 days, so they may come in 15 ml size and larger.  Some essences, such as protection fusions, can be used as needed.  Some deeply-ingrained issues, such as grief or control issues, may take up to 66 days to dissolve 


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Mother & Child Bond


Instills a loving, protective urge and promotes healthy emotional bonding between mother and child.  Ideal for adoptions.  Also helps with post partum, or when mother and infant have been separated, such as hospitalization, parental visitation order, or foster care

For babies and small children, simply add to bathwater of lay the bottle in the crib or tuck it into the blankets next to them


Mother Healing

Releases, heals, and overwrites long-held emotional pain, resentment, inability to forgive, unrequited love, rejection, abandonment, longing for nurturing, and other negative feelings associated with unhealed mother issues

Also helps women who feel challenged with being a mother, or are afraid of becoming like their mother

From $30.00

Moving On

Gently shifts you forward, helping you to accept that you can have a brighter future.  Feels compelling.  Ideal for those who have suffered a loss, death or challenge/change that changes your life as you knew it and leaves you in limbo or unwilling/unable to accept change—such as the loss of a job, a spouse, your home, or a limb.  Helps you embrace that you can have more, not less


My Authentic Self

Gain a strong, fully self-integrated, confident, authentic self.  Ideal essence formula for those who have self-image problems such as low self-esteem, attracting the wrong partners, neediness or discomfort being alone, insecure when in a relationship, hiding your true feelings or true self and order to keep the peace, and for those who compromise their own needs in order keep others happy.  Gently integrates and reconciles all aspects of self to help you feel confidently happy with yourself without being concerned about what others think.  Also very helpful for those who don't want to face or accept their negative qualities or 'shadow side'.  It helps you be true to your soul, true to your feelings.  Use for 21 days.  Repeat for 3-5 days every few weeks.  Available in 2 sizes

From $30.00

Nurturer in Balance
NURTURER IN BALANCE keeps you from becoming overly nurturing, from taking your work home with you mentally and energetically, and from 'rescuing'.  It instills the balance needed to stop you from being a martyr and prompts you to look after your own needs while you help others
Very helpful for loving nurturers who are always looking after everyone else's needs except their own!  Helps you hold your balance as a natural nurturer and healer.  Ideal for women who are self-sacrificing, especially for their family, and for those who tend to be 'rescuers' and want to 'fix' or help everyone.  Provides the necessary balance between nurturing others and nurturing self for those in care-taking professions, such as nurses, alternative healers and empaths   
NURTURER IN BALANCE may also assist with weight issues that result from constantly absorbing the energies of others

From $30.00

Open Door to Co-Creation

Expands your auric field and consciousness to merge with universal oneness, allowing you to effortlessly manifest into the physical world whatever you envision.  Instils gratitude and calm expectation that you will receive what you desire.  Use for 3-5 days.  Available in 2 sizes

From $15.00

Prosperity Pack

A 4-step process to attract abundance and possibilities!   $105 value  $90  (Save $15)  

     .I Am Deserving  Begin with feeling worthy of having more  30 ml
     .Abundance   Next, remove energetic blockages in your energy field and become open to attracting and receiving blessings   30 ml
     .Success  Then instill motivation, confidence and organization to plan and succeed   30 ml
     .Open Door to Co-Creation  Effortlessly manifest whatever you envision  15 ml

Orig.: $105.00
Sale: $90.00

Pure Light

Heightens your personal vibration and extends your aura outward into Oneness.  Instills a feeling of expansive oneness with nature.  Best used for meditation, nature walks, communing with animals, etc.  Do not drive or operate machinery.  Use as needed.  Available in 2 sizes

From $15.00

Relationship Enhancement Set

5 of our most helpful relationship remedies at a special price.  Reg $150  Save $20!

Use individually as needed  

Holding My Own Space ~ Love Empowered ~ Forgiveness ~ Shield ~ Love Magnet

Orig.: $150.00
Sale: $130.00

Rescue & Revive

Designed as a more powerful version of Bach's Rescue Remedy.  Very grounding and calming.  Releases shock, anxiety, panic attacks, shock, trauma, hysteria, emotional upset very rapidly.  

Parents report this formula is excellent for children who experience anxiety at school.  May be used daily, if needed.  Also every helpful for calming and stabilizing pets who have been attacked or traumatized.  This formula is suitable for adults, pets and children 8yrs and up.  Specify if for children or pets, as dosage will be different

Available in 2 sizes

From $15.00

Respect Me!

Promotes self-acceptance and inner strength that helps you to stand up for yourself.  Purges suppressed anger from a lifetime of not being treated with respect.  Allows you to make peace with being different from others. Good for artists, those who are bullied, special-needs, or those who feel socially awkward or outcast

This essence formula may initially draw suppressed anger to the surface for release.  This is very healthy, as it forces you to examine where a lack of balance and fairness exists in your life, and gives you the strength to speak up about it 

From $30.00


NEW improved formula!  

Gentle sleep aid.  This is NOT a sleeping pill and does not cause dependancy or morning grogginess.  The formula prompts brain waves to cycle normally for a healthy restful sleep.  It retrains the brain to form healthy sleep patterns in just 3-6 days.  You are able to awaken if needed, and fall back to sleep promptly  

Available in trial size ~ 30 ml or 60 ml 

From $15.00


Created for helping dissolve the negative effects of post traumatic stress and highly traumatic emotional experiences.  Works quickly and effortlessly to dissolve chaos and static within the energy field and instills a feeling of smooth, expansive wholeness and joy.  RESTORE instills supportive grounding and balance to help keep you feeling solid and stable

When used for 3-5 days immediately following a trauma, it will quickly act to reverse the negative effects of the experience and restore balance.  Use for 21 or more days when post-traumatic stress is long-held

RESTORE is also very helpful for those who are highly sensitive and easily distraught or shocked by violence in movies, books or television shows, and those who are overwhelmed by social injustice, animal abuse, or all the wrongs in the world, and feel helplessness to change anything.  It restores optimism and lost innocence  


Self Acceptance


A lovely essence to help you accept yourself and your body.  Ends being self-critical

Available in 2 sizes.  Use 21 days then 3-5 days whenever needed.  Specify if for children as dosage will be different

From $30.00

Self-Care Pack

Use whenever needed for self-nurturing, replenishment and support!   

$90 value  $80  (Save $10)  

     .Nurturer in Balance  to help you nurture yourself as much as others   30 ml
     .Be Kind to Yourself   to promote self-nurturing and self-care   30 ml
     .Support  replenishment and support for caregivers   30 ml

Orig.: $90.00
Sale: $80.00

Self Esteem

Promotes independence and self confidence.  Quells neediness.  Helps you to feel good about yourself

From $30.00


Releases self-recrimination, judgment and grudges against self.  Helps you feel more loving toward yourself.  Available in 2 sizes.  Use for 21 days and repeat for 3-5 days every 4-8 weeks  

From $30.00

Self-Love Trio


Use whenever needed for self-nurturing, inner balance, and replenishment!   $90 value  $80  (Save $10)  

     .I Am Deserving  to help you feel worthy and deserving of having more  30 ml
     .Be Kind to Yourself   instills feelings of self-nurturing and self-care   30 ml
     .Self Acceptance  helps you to lovingly accept yourself and your body   30 ml

Orig.: $90.00
Sale: $80.00


Allows acceptance and making peace with the past and those things you cannot change.  Promotes letting go and stops persistence of feelings.  Helps you to surrender and accept what cannot be changed and move on without bitterness.  Helpful when you can forgive but still feel the hurt and animosity of wrongs done to you.  Available in 2 sizes

From $30.00

Sexual Abuse Release

42-day remedy for overwriting emotional trauma due to violation, physical abuse, or abuse of authority.  Suitable for any kind of physical trauma to the body (including traumatic accidents), where emotional trauma becomes energetically 'stuck'.  Helps to release both physical and emotional aspects of the trauma  

Recommended to use contraceptives following this essence.  Has demonstrated to help energetically to increase possibility of pregnancy by releasing mental and emotional blockages that prevent conception 


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